Getting a Fast Refund Is Easier Than Ever Now!

Steps to E-File your Tax Return:

  • Prepare your tax return, or have someone prepare it for you. It should be just as you would send to IRS.
  • Tell IRS and state you're filing electronically, by filling out Form 8453. Be sure to fill out the direct deposit information on your tax return (above your signature). If filing a state return fill out your State's Form 8453.
  • Fax your return, Form 8453, W-2's, and the Instruction Sheet Coupon to 1-800-373-0800.

We do the rest. Express file's processing center will enter your tax data in our computer, check your return for accuracy and transmit your return directly to the IRS and state. You'll have a confirmation posted to this web site in 24-48 hours. Your IRS refund is usually deposited to your account on Friday, 8-14 days after your fax your return.

For fast answers to other questions call Express File at 1-800-875-FILE